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The Ace of Swords

The Ace of Swords

The Ace of Swords 150 150 John Sandbach





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The earth element is the one that moves and changes the
slowest, because it is the most stable of the four, and since all the Aces can
bring about transformation, the transformations signified by the Ace of Swords
can sometimes require much energy and effort to them push forward, often with seemingly
no more speed than that of a glacier.

    To transform Earth energy requires patience and
persistence.  You need to honor the
stability of it, and not try to push it faster than it is ready to go. 

    The number of this card is 65. Which adds up to 11, the
number of Neptune.  65 is the 6th
manifestation of 11, the 11 sequence in order being 11-29-38-47-56-65.  Neptune (11) is always selfless and desirous
of dedicating itself to spiritual work, which is the main energy it takes to
manifest the Ace of Swords, and this is happening on the 6th level,
6 being Venus, the energy of love.  When
we love what we’re doing it can create changes (Pluto=Ace) on the physical
level (Swords), can transform the manifestation of what is.

    A woman came to me recently for a reading.  She told me she had a vision of creating a
healing center, but she did not at the time have the funds to manifest the
extent and complexity of her vision for this center.  The Ace of Swords kept coming up in the
reading, and I told her that she needed to start her healing work right now, by
doing things like planting healing herbs, working with them, talking to the
plant spirits, seeking their guidance, asking them what to do next, doing such
things as making her own flower essence remedies, and so on.  This is how you work with the Ace of Swords
energy – you start some place definite, gradually moving forward piece by
piece, patiently, step by step, in hands-on fashion.

    Virgo is an earth sign, a sign which deeply understands the
value of little steps, and how if little steps are patiently and constantly taken
they can create a momentum that propels you forward, often far faster than you
might have thought you would ever go.

    The number 65 is also the Macrocosm (6) flowing its energy
into the Microcosm (5), meaning the universal patterns and perfection of the
number 6 feeding the microcosm (5) that is our individual being with their
divine order and harmony.

    The number 65 is generated by multiplying 5 and 13, the two
prime numbers which when multiplied yield 65. 
5 and 13 added together yield 18, the card called The Moon, and ruled by
the sign Cancer.  This means that the Ace
of Swords requires nurturing and cultivation to attain to the fulness of its
divine harmony.  To thrive, its energy
requires a home (Cancer), meaning a context in which it can grow.

    The negative side of the Ace of Swords manifests through the
attempt to dominate (Ace) the physical world, by focusing on agendas to overpower
and control it, rather than striving to work with its nature, as we faithfully
attempt to see what its deepest needs are. 

    As earth is the most yin of the elements, the Ace of swords
is about the power of yin energy, and how we can positively use it if we are
willing to both love and listen to the deep wisdom it has to share with us.

    If the Ace of Swords comes up in a reading for you, look
carefully at your problems, and know they are there to teach you something
important, which, if you learn whatever it is they are trying to teach you, it will
support and advance your spiritual growth.

    The Ace of Swords compels you to deal with the physical
world and its challenges, to take care of your body, to acknowledge and work
within your limits, exercise, eat vital and nourishing foods, and don’t be
deterred or discouraged by the temporary darkness that may be making it
difficult to see your way forward.

    As the Aces are ruled by Pluto, and Pluto corresponds to the
22nd Major Arcanum, 65, the number of this card, minus 22 equals 43
which is the 7 of Coins.  This means that
to manifest anything in physical reality (Ace of Swords) we need to build lines
of communication first, or another way of saying it is that whatever we
construct in our mind is then what comes into physical being.

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