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It’s Always New

Rav Nachmon of Breslav said that every moment is a new beginning. Every act is your very first. Don’t think of any action you perform as if you have already done it two or four or a hundred times. See everything always with new eyes. This helps you to approach life with an open mind, and helps you to let go of the basic assumptions and biases that limit your experience.


A Key to Prosperity

The universe gives us more of whatever we focus on. So if we are enjoying life, and appreciating what we have, we’ll get more. Sometimes are attention is so consumed by what we want and what we don’t have that we start ignoring or taking for granted what is around us and near at hand. When we make an effort to look at what is in our vicinity — all that we already have — and tune in to the beauty and wonder of it, life will inevitably give us more to enjoy and appreciate.


Scorpio Bumper Sticker

“God will get you, but I wish he’d let me do it.”


The Ultimate Sin

A Great Rabbi said that the Ultimate Sin is not having fun. God wants us to enjoy life. Maybe the reason that Eve ate that apple in the first place is that she got bored and wasn’t having any fun any more.

Have you had fun today?

Fun is often trivialized, but in spiritual terms it’s serious business. People of the current world spend a lot of time, energy and money trying to have fun, but I think they often don’t achieve their goal. It’s hard to have fun when you’re carrying around bundles of worries. The solution? Stop worrying! I know it’s easier said than done, but the attempt to cease worrying is one of the noblest pursuits there is. Remember: the soul doesn’t worry. Only the ego can worry. You may think you can have fun yesterday or tomorrow, but the truth is, you can only have fun now.

The ego delights in the past and future. In fact, the Ego is afraid of now! The ego loves to live in nostalgia (past), guilt and remorse (past), fears (which are fantasies about the future), and idealized visions of what could be (future). Drop it all and drop in to the present. Try some cheap, spontaneous fun!

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