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God is Not a CEO

Many people think, “why would God be interested in my little problem when there are so many others in the world who have far more dire problems than I, and so many bigger challences he/she has to address?” This question is based on a misconception. God is not a CEO working within a limited time frame and with limited resources. The head of a multimillion dollar corporation would not be expeccted to worry about how sharp the secretary’s pencils are — because that CEO probably has a very tight schedule. There are only 24 hours in a day, and the more important you are the more important your time is! This is how relativistic reality works — it’s all about limits.

But the sages have told us that God is infinite.

Let’s say we’re going to visit a place that is an infinite number of miles away from earth. The fact is, that if we take ten paces toward that place we’re no closer to it than if we travel 50 million light years toward it. So in those terms ten paces and 50 million light years are equal. And by the same token God is just as concerned about the life of a blade of grass as he/she is about the whole earth. God has enough caring to go around, and far more than that — more than is possible for us to even conceive.

The Kabbalists tell us that everything we do is important. Smiling at someone as you pass them on the street sends powerful waves of love through the spiritual realms. Every thought you think generates energy that is having an effect on the spirit realms.

Our physical reality is what Kabbalists call the 1 percent realm, in contradistinction to the 99 percent realm which is the realm of spiritual realities, other universes, abode of angels, etc. It’s easy to get so embroiled in this 1 percent realm that we slip into thinking it’s all there is — that we are limited by time and space, that there’se not enough to go around. The truth is that if we allow ourselves to become a conduit for the spiritual light we realize that all limitations are ultimately illusions, that we can access infinite love, wisdom and power. And that everything matters.

As one Kabbalist said, each and every blade of grass his its own individual angel that watches over it.

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