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Color Healing Using the Imagination

There are a great many ways to perform color healing, but I feel that the best way, by far, is projecting color through intent.

Color is light, and so is associated alchemically with the realm of fire a – a realm of change, mutation, transformation and transmutation. Color used as medicine can uplift the spirit, and as this energy steps down into the denser levels of ones being, can bring profound healing to the mental, emotional, and physical levels of one’s being.

I have been fascinated for a long time by the many different devices and modalities one can use to perform color healing. One author says to sit in the light streaming through a sheet of stained glass. One company produces a pen that shines colored light through a quartz crystal. I know a practitioner who has a box you look into that projects light into your eyes that shines through slices of different gemstones, depending on what you dial in – ruby, emerald, etc. The problem with all of these techniques is that if you wish to change colors quickly, you can’t. The only technique that allows quick and fluid changes in color is projection of color through your imagination.

Americans like their gadgets, and they definitely feel more comfortable with material, tangible paraphernalia, especially when it looks professional. New Age tools have an allure, and can also impress ones client. But there is no tool like the imagination, even though it isn’t expensive and you can’t show it to a client.

I have spent over four decades studying color and the means of various colors. It’s an extremely interesting and worthwhile branch of knowledge, but when it comes to color healing the ultimate way to select a color is just to go with what feels right, with whatever colors it occurs to you to use at the moment. The intuition is capable of far faster assessment and selection than the rational mind.
The problem is most people lack the self-confidence needed to listen to their intuition, and then to follow through by using the color that comes to them. People have such a fear of being wrong, of not “doing it right,” and of failing that signals from their intuition are drowned out by all these misgivings and apprehensions. If you find yourself having this sort of problem, I recommend that you take the Bach Flower Remedy larch, which helps one to be more self-confident.

Another problem that can happen is that a person who wants to perform color therapy says, “I’m not getting any color at all.” In this case, the best thing to do is to just start the healing work. Set the intent that you are going to project the most needed color, that the Spirit of Healing will select the right color for you, and that you don’t even need to know what the color is. In fact, you could work for a whole lifetime as a color therapist and never once see in your mind what color you are using. Not seeing the color does not mean it’s not there. The healing may be totally effective without your ever being privy to the details of it.

And a very important point is this: you need to allow the color to change, whenever it feels like it, and however it feels like it. When I engage in color healing I often see more than one color at a time, and they often change, sometimes returning to the original color at some point. At other times there is little or no change in the color. The most important thing to remember is that you need to allow the color to do what it wants to do, go where it needs to go, and last for however long it wants to last.

Always see yourself as the vehicle, the conduit. You are channeling the color from Spirit to the person you are working on, and all you need to do is to relax, be open, and let go of extraneous thoughts.

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