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Astrological Signs and Colors

The Astrological Correspondences of the Colors of Aura-Soma

Aries – Red

Rudolph Steiner said that red is a color that wants to be everywhere at once. We see this in biology reflected in the blood which saturates the body and flows to every place it can. Aries answer to everything is action, and action means movement, movement everywhere. Aries and red signify pure stimulation.

Red is the only color in the Aura-Soma system that is expressed in two different degrees of paleness – Pink and Pale Pink. Red stimulates circulation of blood and lymph. Where there is adequate circulation there can be no infection, so red is a wonderful color to use when infection is present. Pink stimulates the circulation of light, and where light circulates there can be no negativity.

Taurus – Coral (red-orange)

Vicky Wall said that coral was the color of unrequited love. Taurus rules possession – it has to do with what we have. Spiritually, what we want most is love. Love is the most precious energy we can give and receive. The Kabbalah teaches us that we are never victims, and that we create every aspect of our reality. So when a person gives love and finds that is it unrequited, meaning not returned we must ask ourselves why the person created that. It may be because 1) the individual is afraid of love, and so has chosen someone who they subconsciously know won’t return it, or 2) because they feel they don’t deserve it, and so look for it in places they are sure not to find it.

Taurus is the most eccentric of the signs. It’s the one with the greatest uniqueness of character. In Aura-soma literature it’s pointed out that the little animals of which coral consists sacrifice their individuality for the good of the community. The question is, do humans have to do this, and to what extent? If we live in an overly conservative and rigid society, we are expected to give up anything about us that is different so that we can be like anyone else. But does this help the society? No, or course not, it just perpetuates its stagnation and limitation. If we look at those people who have given the most to society in terms of furthering its progress we see that the overwhelming majority of them we “odd” in some way, unique, different, had something strikingly distinctive to give which enriched the world.

Gemini – Orange

Through my own personal experience as a massage therapist I have come to a much clearer understanding of the relationship between the color orange and the healing of the time line spoken of in Aura-soma literature. First of all, why do shocks even happen? The spiritual answer is that shocks wake us up. Shocks release karma. But the negative side of shocks is that we can have trouble assimilated which results in use getting stuck at the point of the shock.
When a muscle is shocked, for instance through being overworked, metabolic debris can fail to be adequately removed by the body and chronic pain can result that can last for years. This is seen constantly in such phenomenon as car wrecks, where the aftermath of pain can go on indefinitely.

This sort of thing not only happens to the physical body but to the others bodies as well, emotional, mental and spiritual. The color orange can remove these blockages caused by shock. It can provide us with the deep insight needed to clear these blockages. Orange is the color of excitement in that through the stimulation excitement provides blockages can be broken up and cleared.

Gemini is the sign of communication, and we find that when a shock or trauma has occurred and not been adequately dealt with, communication is always lessened or interrupted. A person, for instance, who was sexually molested as a child has suffered a shock which has disrupted their inner circuitry to the point that they lose a part of their spiritual, emotional, mental, and sometimes even physical functioning.

It’s important to remember that shocks are not always big. We suffer many tiny shocks during a lifetime. We may be sailing along smoothly and suddenly someone makes a remark which triggers something in us and throws us off. Modern life is certainly filled with a myriad of shocks coming at us all the time, but little and big. The more we can heal from the effects of these shocks the more we can come into the joy that is the highest significance of the color orange.

Cancer – Gold (yellow-orange)

Gold signifies wealth on all levels, and Cancer’s strongest urge is for security. When we realize the wealth we do possess, not just materially but emotionally, mentally and spiritually as well, we realize we are completely secure.

Gold is also the color of wisdom, and Cancer is the sign best suited for both teaching and learning, for Cancer innately realizes that wisdom is the ultimate source of security.
It seemed strange to me at first that the color gold, named for the metal which is ruled by the sun, should be ascribed to the sign ruled by the moon, for the moon and the sun and polar opposite energies. As I’ve tuned into the color gold being ruled by Cancer, I’ve envisioned a large full moon of a rich golden color. Remember that Cancer is the sign which initiated the season of summer, and that gold is a warm color.

In Aura-soma literature gold is also associated with deception, delusion, and self-righteousness. In their quest for security Cancer can sometimes deceive themselves into thinking that something outward is their ultimate source of security and fail to realize that all true security comes from within. The true quest is to find inner wealth, rather than outer wealth. Cancer can also be defensive at times, and manifest this as a self-righteousness which they use to separate themselves from others due to fear.

Leo – Yellow

The warmth, laughter, joy and delight of yellow exemplify the happy and fulfilled Leo. Leo’s greatest problem is their ego, which can cause confusion and lack of trust. What Leo wants most is self-assurance which can only be obtained with the self is willing to let go of its limitations and be truly concerned with the welfare of others.

Yellow also signifies acquired knowledge. Most of us have acquired far more knowledge than we are aware of, through our past life experiences. If we can let go of our ego and the limitations which it imposes, we can have access to all of that knowledge.

Since yellow is the lightest color it is the one nearest to expressing the full spectrum of light. When Leo thinks that it is the light is when all of its problems arise. Rather than allowing the ego to close out the light, Leo must open to the light so that it can become a complete manifestation of it.

The pale yellow of B 51, the Kuthumi bottle, is the intellect purified of all false ideas and concepts. Once the density of these wrong thoughts is removed, we can open to the realm of Angels and Devas.

Virgo – Olive (yellow-green)

The bitterness associated with the color olive has to do with Virgo’s negatively critical aspect, for when we judge ourselves or our life to be lacking, defective or flawed, or are always finding something wrong with whatever we turn our attention to, the result can be bitterness.
Hope is also associated with olive, for Virgo’s ability to improve anything, to be able to see a problem and find a way to fix it, always gives hope. Hope is the perfect antidote to bitterness.
Olive can also mean clarity on the path, which is what Virgo’s analytical ability can always
provide us with, when used positively.

The feminine leadership of Virgo means offering criticism that is ultimately supportive, criticism that points to flaws that can be changed, criticism that encourages rather than merely supports the ego of the criticizer. It also signifies supporting someone where they are at, supporting their uniqueness and encouraging them to follow their own path, rather than attempting to compel them to be like oneself.

As the herb olive leaf is used to fight infection, the color olive can also be used for the same thing. Red will provide the energy to fight the infection, and olive will help the system to realize it is there – as Virgo is so aware of what is wrong!

In the Bach Flower Remedy system, Olive flower essence is used to help the person get deep rest and to replenish reserves of energy. The color olive can be used for the same thing.

Libra – Green

Green is the color of space. It gives us greater space in which to be and to do. This is not just space in the usual sense, but time as well, as space and time are inseparable. Having the time as well as the space is exactly what we need to relate, which is what Libra is all about. Green is a soothing and smoothing color, and Libra is the peacemaker of the zodiac.

Libra is also the sign concerned with balance and the heart chakra, whose color is green, stands between the three lower and three upper chakras. Here we see a balance between the physical and spiritual.

The spaciousness of green stands in complementary balance to red, for love (pink, which is light red) is all about giving, and space and time is what we give to whatever we love.

Scorpio – Turquoise (blue-green)

In Aura-Soma Healing through Color and Crystal Energy, turquoise is said to be the color of the Age of Aquarius. If turquoise is the color ascribed to Scorpio, why is it associated with Aquarius? Probably because Scorpio is the 10th sign from Aquarius and so rules the 10th house of an equal house chart with Aquarius rising. This signifies that Scorpio is the vibrational “10th house” of Aquarius. The 10th house, which is the highest one in the sky, signifies the highest energy to which a sign can attain, and so Scorpio represents the loftiest spiritual elevation of Aquarius.

Vicky Wall saw turquoise as signifying communication through all kinds of creative expression, and the astrologer Marc Jones gave “creativity” as the most important keyword for Scorpio. Turquoise stands for transdimensionality, meaning existence and presence beyond time and space. Scorpio rules death and rebirth, which are ways of transcending time and space.
Scorpio is about power and its use. Power can be wielded to dominate and even enslave others, but it can also be used to liberate and uplift others. Traditionally Scorpio has always been associated with both a snake and an eagle, the snake signifying the lower and selfish energies of Scorpio, and the eagle representing Scorpio’s potentially high-minded and lofty manifestation.

Sagittarius – Blue

Sagittarius is a fire sign and in a candle blue is the color nearest to the wick. Blue is the color of communication, and Sagittarius signifies a gaining of perspective on reality, through such things as religion, philosophy, and metaphysics. The degree of our metaphysical understanding is in direct proportion to the degree that we can communicate with ourselves and with God. When there is full and complete communication the perfect peace of blue becomes a reality.
It may seem strange that Sagittarius, a fire sign, corresponds to blue, the coolest of the colors. The fire of Sagittarius, though, is more like the cool and constant and cosmic fire of the stars, rather than any fire we know in our earthly realm.

It is out of the silence of blue that understanding comes. The metaphysician Swedenbourg has told us that angels speak softly and with great subtlety, so to hear them we must attain to a certain level of inner peace, otherwise their communications might be disrupted by the static of chaos. B50, El Morya, carries as its primary thought form “I will that thy will be my will.” This is the highest philosophy, and in fact, we may say that all the flaws that exist in any and all philosophical systems are because the will of the philosopher has somehow muddied the clarity of the philosophy.

Capricorn – Royal Blue

Royal blue is the color of the intuition, and Capricorn is the sign of efficiency. There is no more efficient way of living that being in tune with one’s clear intuition. One of the negative traits of Capricorn is that it has a strong tendency toward depression, and Royal Blue is the darkest of colors. Depression, though, is always caused by an inability to be in touch with one’s intuition, for if one were attuned to it, one would be able to see the spiritual light that lies beyond all the seeming darkness, chaos, and negativity. Royal Blue is the color of King David who is the patriarch corresponding to Malkuth, the 10th station on the tree of life. Malkuth means “kingdom” and signifies the earth plane – that part of the tree of life where the light is most enveloped in shadows.

Royal Blue can help a person who has extreme issues with authority and authority figures, and Capricorn is the sign of authority.

Aquarius — Violet

I am dubious about referring to violet as the color of spirituality, for all colors are spiritual. Everything is spiritual. I think it’s more accurate to say the violet is the color of recognizing and attuning to spirituality. Aquarius is the sign which recognizes that there is no difference between you and me, that we are the same at a deep level, that all reality is connected, that we are a group, and that we need to support each other. Attaining to this is the spiritual way of living.
Violet is the color of the imagination, and Aquarius love to imagine all the wonderful things that could be in the future. Violet can also signify6 too much contemplation, and Aquarius can sometimes get so caught up in contemplating the future that it loses touch with the needs of the present.

Aquarius is the sign of support, and Violet the color of healing. What is healing other than finding the needed support to move forward and to regain one’s balance? The ideal of Aquarius is to see all of life as supportive – to see that even negative and difficult situations are there in an attempt to support our learning and our ability to let go. This equates with the transformative nature of Violet and the transmutative nature of Pale Violet.

Pisces – Magenta

There is no wavelength of light that produces the color magenta. At one end of the spectrum we have red. If we seek wavelengths of light slower than red we find infra-red, which is not a color – it’s invisible. And at the other end of the spectrum we find violet, beyond which is ultra violet, also invisible. So the color magenta is actually made up the wavelengths of red and violet. This is different, for instance, from yellow-green, in that there is actually a single wavelength of light rays that we perceive as yellow-green.

Just as the color magenta takes in the whole spectrum, the sign Pisces is a summary of all the other signs. Pisces has no real quality of its own. Pisces is all qualities, it is the fullness and completeness of the zodiac made manifest. Magenta is the color immediately beyond our physicality, and it is this realm toward which Pisces yearns.

Magenta is love in the little things. First of all, who decides what are the little things and what are the big things? Pisces is the sign that is most likely to see the seeming little things and the seeming big things as equal.

Clear – Pluto, the Moon’s North Node

This is the only color in Aura-Soma that is not ruled by a sign. Actually “clear” is not a color but rather a vehicle for receiving and reflecting the light. The planet Pluto has no vibration of its own, but intensifies the vibration of anything with which it comes in contact. I also ascribe the Moon’s North Node to “clear” because in Hindu astrology the gem stone corresponding to the Moon’s North Node is clear quartz crystal. The North Node signifies the evolutionary direction we are heading toward in the lifetime – that which is pulling us forward toward enlightenment so that we too are then able to fully receive and reflect the light.

It is interesting to note that different colors react differently to the addition of light, causing them to become pastel. The color that reacts the strongest to this is red, for red, being the most earthly colors (it is the color of slowest vibration and is at the bottom of the color spectrum and corresponds to the first chakra), is the color in most need of light. Humans have recognized this by giving light-infused red a separate name: pink.

When clear becomes opaque, not allowing light to pass through it but reflecting all of it, it becomes white. The color which can make white look dirty and/or dim is the color yellow. Think of old paper, which turns yellow, or old ivory, or white sheets, which, when they turn yellow appear to be dingy. This signifies that Leo (Yellow) is supposed to take on and become infused with the light, rather than allowing its ego to filter and hence dim the light. On the other hand blue is put into whites when they are washed to brighten them. This signifies that understanding (Sagittarius) is a perfect vehicle for the light, and that the Sagittarian tendency toward friendliness, generosity and freedom provides the light with a perfect vehicle for expressing itself.

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