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    • * Leo-1


      Degree Angel: Vehuel (Vay-hoo-EL) Happiness, Elevation, Grandeur, Manifesting/Experimental




      Omega Symbol: A magician inventing many new techniques.


      There are an endless number of ways to get where one is going. Because you know this you approach experience inventively and are able to continually make new connections between things. You’re capable of reinventing yourself over and over, calling forth new aspects of your being and dramatizing them to others in bright, vivid fashion. As you engage in this process you come to see more and more clearly that everything is magic.


      Pleiadian Symbol: Not knowing what to say, a woman blushes.


      Spontaneous responses which transcend conscious, organized communication. Expressing the self without hardly knowing one is doing so.  The spilling forth of the energies of one’s inner life which communicates to others even when no conscious or willful communication was intended.


      Chandra Symbol: A divorced husband and wife enjoying each other’s company.


      This degree is about appreciating others for who they are without placing any expectations on the relationship. When there are differences of opinion, you either learn from them, or you find other areas through which which to relate. This is a key method for maintaining one’s own integrity while respecting the, of others as well.


      Azoth Symbol: A signet ring pressed into hot wax.


      Impressing one’s identity and personality in a complete and clear way onto the world.  The ability to imbue whatever one creates with a startingly accurate picture of the uniqueness of one’s own character.  In the Omega Symbol the magician continually creates new techniques, whereas the signet ring always creates the same thing.  And yet even though truths may be diverse all truths are partial expressions of the one inexpressible and transcendently mystical truth, and so are all equal.


      Seed Degree: Aries – 5


      A woman harvesting rose petals to make perfume. (Omega symbol). Learning how to perceive the essence of things provides one with materials to use in the process of creation.


      The statue of a God worn smooth by devotees’ kissing. (Chandra Symbol). Devoting oneself to union with spiritual forces makes it possible to share with others in a way that accepts them and does not try to change them.


      Fulfillment Degree: Aries – 11


      A hospital for birds. (Omega Symbol). Tapping deeply into our inner resources of creativity we discover countless ways in which the spirit can be healed and strengthened.


      Sunlight illuminating dust in the air. (Chandra Symbol). Connecting to others without any preconceptions of how things should go or what the nature of the relationship should be, we discover a vast realm of possibilities, and perceive the complexity of the phenomenal world.


      Omega Oracle


      Novice practitioners were always concerned with drawing the forms correctly and pronouncing the incantations properly, but he knew the paths of magic were numberless, that the forces of nature were like the colors of a palette that could be blended and combined in endless ways to create new landscapes, new visions.


      The gnomes, undines, sylphs and salamanders loved him for he understood their need to create. Together they made forests out of poetry and fountains out of song, and secretly gave dreams away to those who had misplaced their own. The sound of their play turned into light (so as to traverse the interstellar vacuum) and echoed through the universe.

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