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or92 150 150 John Sandbach

Cancer 2. A man with no navel. (Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Sensitive

They called navels “the scar of history.” When he tried to remember his own history he followed it back into a grayness where it evaporated like mist disappearing in sunlight.

He wanted to feel connected, and feared that if he had come from nowhere he might also go nowhere, if he hadn’t been born, might never die.

“Peace,” whispered the Great Mother, “I have only temporarily stolen your history, so that you might have time to grow strong enough in your individuality to have it back.”

Azoth Oracle

Before crossing the desert a man is buying camels.

Special camels are sold by an alchemist who lives in Zuratan, a small village on the edge of the Gobar desert. These camels are highly prized, but not expensive, as the alchemist who breeds them only desires that they be sold to the right person, and refuses many who come to buy one.

These camels bear a special property: After journeying a short way into the desert a trickle of waters appears to the left side of them, and as they forge onward becomes a clear brook gurgling over stones and stretching into the distance. If the traveler looks behind him he sees that the brook disappears as he continues to walk. In this way both travelers and camels may cross the desert with ample water as well as a path which leads them where they are going, a path which dries up once the destination is reached.


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