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or90 150 150 John Sandbach

Gemini 30. From far away, a sailor has brought home a carved idol.

A tentacled god, carved from black basalt, has come to New England. And now in the night elderly matrons have dreams of being mermaids cavorting with lusty mermen in ocean depths.

The effigy of stone has grown greener and brighter since his arrival, and it is no wonder, for he knows now that it was the Older Gods who drew him to this place. His presence is needed here, where he might infest the good people of New England with ocean darkness.

Azoth Oracle

Angels helping humans to perceive and understand more clearly.

From “Angelic Links,” by Aztarthus Varsithius): “Angels are the very soul of cleverness, for their ways of communicating with humans are unlimited, new methods being constantly created. I must state emphatically that nearly all thoughts, impulses and actions that humans experience are affected by the angelic hosts, though it is very few humans indeed who may receive these signals with total clarity.

“Angels communicate continuously, though the layers upon layers of dark shrouds that envelop most humans means that the light of angels is perceived only dimly and their messages misinterpreted. We do have hope though, for in the very process of living these shrouds are eventually either worn away or consumed in the light’s fire.”


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