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or81 150 150 John Sandbach

Gemini 21. A healer breaks up adhesions beneath an old wound.

Marana, an ancient alchemist of Aab whose specialtiy was psychic massage claimed that bodies harbored sheaths of shadows which enveloped them and which she could grasp by reaching into the body of her patient.  She said that some wounds are obvious by their scars, while others were subtle and hidden and often in bodies other than the physical, such as the emotional or mental body.

I watched Marana, one day, as she worked on someone, sinking her hands deep into their skin and pulling out skeins of darkness which dripped with many strange and odd colors.  In her hands the shadows grew fainter and fainter, the colors clearer.  “There,” she said when she was finished, “I have released some of the silent screams that had waited long within you for my touch.  Return next week and we shall see if there are others ready to surrender themselves to me.”

Azoth Oracle 

A dog gone for many months returns.

A dog whose name was Zarkus kept escaping and wandering away, even though they tried keeping him tied up in a pen, and watched him carefully. Always when they were not looking he disappeared. After many months, though, he always returned.

“How does he escape?” an old woman who was the dog’s owner, asked Irnad. “Zarkus,” answered Irnad, “is an elemental incarnated into the body of a dog. And when he’s had enough of confinement he gives in to the urge to roam.” “Then why does he always come back?” asked the woman. “Confinement” answered Irnad, “has its own special pleasures.”



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