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or73 150 150 John Sandbach

Gemini 13. With each breath another new and unknown smell is detected.

Symphonies of the nose, downloaded with each breath. And as he continued to read the ever-changing smells he realized he had entered the perfumer’s library. Here were stored the scents of summer evenings, moonlit gardens, and spring pageants, where a million petals had rained and scattered. And here also were even the odors of back alleys with their drifts of refuse, for even the rotten notes of death and decay might be faintly used by the master to sharpen the edge of a fragrant summer rose. It was curious and engaging reading these invisible books that suddenly appeared and disappeared, and in which he encountered many strange and unfamiliar words that tickled his nose as it attempted to pronounce them.

Azoth Oracle

A collection of coins and medals from a people who mysteriously disappeared.

The Zakhars were a race of mystics who had dwelt on the shores of the Azoth Sea many centuries ago, and who had mysteriously disappeared. They are only known through legends and rumors, and through scant mention of them in the writings of other races.

Funarius, the great antiquarian, has one of the only known artifacts that is certain to have been made by the Zakhars – three large gold medallions and 7 gold coins of different sizes and denominations.

Zabirius, a scholar researching the Zakhars came to the home of Funarius to view these objects, and stayed with him for several weeks, so that he might study them.

One of these medallions depicted the profile of a man whose visage enthralled the scholar. For several hours each day over the period of a week he gazed at it, until one night Ateh, the sage depicted on the coin, came to him in a dream and began relating to him the history of the Zakhars.

This is how the three volume “Annals of the Zakhars” came into being.

As Irnad has said, “To see deeply into anything is to know everything. Everywhere we look we find portals. It is desire which carries us across their thresholds.”

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