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or70 150 150 John Sandbach

Gemini 10. Magic glasses which allow one to read a secret text.

It all depends on the filters desired. Meanings overlay meanings, all hiding each other. But he desired to know, to understand. Which spontaneously gave rise to the glasses that made everything invisible except for the meaning he was seeking. Because knowing required limiting, required a carving into reality that cut out that specific, exquisite shape he had always yearned for in his imagination.

Azoth Oracle

A group of friends perform folk songs.

A group of musicians met at Irnad’s round tower on every full moon to perform traditional songs of Aab. And it was occasionally at these meetings that as they sang into the night they might find their melodies shifting and changing until a new song emerged. None of them of them knew the words of it, and yet they sang them anyway, as if a spring had suddenly opened up in their memory, and words and music flowed forth from some underground source. Irnad was always ready with his pen and his shorthand to write them down, and one among the musicians whose memory was keen would always afterward recall the music and make note of it on paper.

In this way the known songs which they sang would lead them to the unknown and forgotten songs, which were born forth like butterflies from cocoons of the past, to be shared and sung again by the peoples of Aab.

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