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Aries 7. An old man admiring a portrait of himself as a youth.

The eyes of the portrait gaze out, without seeing those far older eyes looking back at them. As if imprisoned in amber, the days of youth glow with a golden light, trapped in eternity. The young have no sense that they will ever age, and in fact, the version of them trapped in memory is timeless. The man gazes at himself as a youth and senses, vaguely, those countless other times he had been a youth, and the countless other youths he shall experience in the future. And whether old or young there is always present a longing, one that looks to the brightness of the future, the other to the brightness of the past. Until that day when the miracle occurs, and all days as if by magic, are absorbed into brightness.

Azoth Oracle

Carefully sculpted trees and beyond them a tangled forest. 

“Why is it,” asked a student, “that the forests of Barzan, at the place just beyond the Estates of Chardath are so incredibly tangled, and are known all over Aab for creating so many strange and varied pictures from their tangles, that all travelers notice?”

“It is because, said Irnad, “of the gardeners who so carefully and perfectly sculpt the trees on the grounds of the Chardath lawns.  The forest beyond becomes so aggravated by such perfection that a living chaos is born within it, and, as I have often told you, chaos is the Mother of Visions.”


Omega Symbol: An old man admiring a portrait of himself as a youth. You appreciate the past and the lessons it continues to teach you. By accepting what has gone before without regrets your attitude helps others to take a more positive attitude to their lot in life. Your freedom from history and wholehearted embracing of the process of change teaches other people to love themselves more and to continually let go as they move forward.

Pleiadian Symbol: After death a man sees golden filaments connecting his various lives.  Perceive the true nature of the greater self.

Chandra Symbol: A double-headed eagle, the heads face in opposite directions.” The eagles signify the power of youth and naiveté and the power of old age and wisdom. When attachments are let go of, all regrets concerning the passage of time fall away, for although something is lost, something else is gained.

This is the mystery of relating to our many selves unfolding over time, which is the marriage of past and future.

Azoth Symbol: Carefully sculpted trees and beyond them a tangled forest.  The forming and directing of certain aspects of one’s life while allowing others to be natural and spontaneous.


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