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or65 150 150 John Sandbach

Gemini 5. Two people calling to each other across a wide, deep canyon.

The canyon was keeping them apart and they were grateful for that. Their words swam back and forth between them like fishes in a two-way river of air, and echoes in the canyon repeated the words with a vague transparency that rose out of the depths and moved among the meanings like shimmering colors, giving new shades to them. Dusk was upon them, and their voices were growing tired. Why not climb down into the land of whispers?

Azoth Oracle

A vast prairie which seems like a still sea of grass.

For the purpose of placating the winds by giving them a place to freely play and to rest to the extent that they do (for winds never truly rest), a vast plane was chosen about 90 miles to the west of Peth. Here gardeners carefully made the land even flatter than it was by leveling the gentle and barely perceptible rising and falling of the earth with their buckets and barrows. Then they carefully weeded the area so that it bore only waving grasses, and moved the few trees there into a nearby forest. When they were finished a sea of green stretched to the horizon in all directions. They called it “The Sea of Airs.”

Here people who love gentle wind often come to wander, and the breezes stirring there are always mild, for the wind is happy in this place, and not at all inclined to form itself into storms, tornadoes, airy excitements, turbulences, or other ways of its anger.

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