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or60 150 150 John Sandbach

Taurus 30. Beings from many dimensions attracted to an immense white flame.

Do all these beings from far-flung places come to visit the flame because they are cold? Or because they crave its light? Doubtful. More probable is that the flame is a place of meeting, a nexus of clarity, just as white is the meeting place of colors.

See how each being merges with the flame, and then emerges from it clearer and brighter, ready to return to its home.

And see, too, at the top of the flame those sputtering shadows emanating from the tip, like a foreboding gas – I wouldn’t look at those strange colors if I were you – as the flame’s blinding, acidic purity carries on its process of digestion.

Azoth Symbol

A yellow diamond in a setting which depicts both the Sun and Moon.

Tamara Zinar, being terribly afraid of eclipses had Irnad fashion for her a ring set with a great yellow diamond which he had alchemically imbued with a certain knowledge. For exactly seven days before an eclipse was to occur the diamond’s bright yellow would dull to deeper and deeper shades of gray until it turned black. Immediately after the eclipse occurred the black would begin to become lighter and lighter until it was once again restored to its pristine yellowness. In this way Tamara would know when to hide herself in her apartments, shut all the windows and soothe herself with candles, or put on her blindfold so she might be consoled by her blindness.

I have heard tell of a similar ring made of opal, which during lunar eclipses turns a deep indigo, and also sings faint songs which can be heard if the ring is held closely to the ear. I am not sure who owns this ring, or its whereabouts, but I imagine it was not made for the same purpose as Irnad’s diamond, for who has ever heard of anyone fearing lunar eclipses?

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