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or46 150 150 John Sandbach

Taurus 16. At the bottom of a gorge, a river turbulent with rapids.

We descended the narrow path that wound through cliffs, hearing louder and louder the roar as we neared the rushing river. Everywhere water and rocks talked to each other, not in orderly fashion, but by constantly speaking at the same time, while barely seeming to listen to what the other was saying. And, of course, the water as usual was speaking in thousands of voices, inventing them as needed. The rocks, though, seemed to take all these in stoically, deaf and polite as an empty sky.

Azoth Oracle

Warmth and love spreading both ways from a handshake.

The sage Tivar Anath was known for his ability to materialize objects, and it is said that often when he shook the hand of people that afterwards, when they closed their palm they opened it to find an object in it. These objects were of many and diverse kinds. One man found in his palm a precious gold ring which he had lost many years ago. Another man found a lump of coal which he kept on an alter in his house, and which slowly, over the years, turned into a diamond. Another woman found a spot of light which never left it, and which would turn different colors, depending on her needs.

Anath said that he did not actually materialize these objects, but was only their catalyst – that the objects were born of the secret desires of the person’s hand he shook. No matter what the object was – and some of them were seemingly insignificant – a twig or a pebble – all those who received them said they could feel when they held them the wondrous warmth and love of Anath, which seemed always to persist in the object.


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