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or40 150 150 John Sandbach

Taurus 10. A wondrous perfume that follows a man wherever he goes.

He smells of flowers which no one cares to name, fearing that saying those familiar names might dilute his scent or even cause it to evaporate. He remembers an old manuscript with pictures of flowers not of this world, strange flowers no one has ever seen, yet anyone who sees them knows these are not flowers of the imagination. They are certainly rooted in some faraway soil, turning their heads toward a sun we’ve never seen. The scent mutates incessantly, an olfactory iridescence that once we’ve inhaled we cannot help but enter and become lost in its maze.

Azoth Oracle

(From the book “The Emerald Chaos” by Satar Rados):  “The fantastic birds and flowers which many have reported seeing in the Jungles of Amazar have never been found by the botanists and ornithologists who have sought them.  Irnad has informed us of his notion that these flora and fauna are actually illusions, for it is known that the particular combinations of green hues found in the Amazar Jungles cause the traveler to grow laden with fatigue,, such feelings becoming more compelling as he penetrates deeper into the jungle.  Irnad supposes that as this lethargy increases it dissolves the walls of imagination, which then is allowed to flood into the consciousness creating the miraculous winged and floral forms which the traveler experiences.

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