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or38 150 150 John Sandbach

Taurus 8. A man lost in a tiny forest.

He stands on the edge of the forest shadows gazing out over the smooth sunlit lawn toward the castle of his birth.
He knows that as soon as he turns around and looks back into the forest he will forget the lawn and castle and once again fall under the spell of the forest’s vastness.
But he isn’t ready to leave, the green shadows beckon to him, and the emerald dream of being lost in the sea of leaves.

Azoth Oracle

As a youth the poet Milon was a  shepherd and wrote twelve odes which describe the landscape in which he tended his flock.  Each of these odes describe the land at different times of the year and at different hours of the day.

Reader and listeners who have experienced them find  something ineffable and mysterious in their music, for the very sounds of them have been known to cause one to enter visions so intense that they become lost to the world around them and seem for a time to dwell in an aura of pure mystery in which the spirits of nature envelop and immerse them in realms of distant memory.



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