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Pisces 30. A dense forest of organ pipes.

In the country house of the great eccentric Palsano Farad is a vast gallery filled with organ pipes of all sizes and shapes.  All of them are black and are made from the resin of a rare tree that grows in the remote forests of Yeldith.  This resin, when refined, yields a dense and highly elastic substance which pulsates as if it were alive, expanding and contracting as if it were breathing.

Palsano found by fashioning this substance into pipes that the pipes drew in air on their own and when it was expelled would emit a tone, just as a regular organ pipe would.

Palsano made many ranks of these pipes, ones that sounded like horns, others violins, human voices others with a chiming timbre and even ones with a tone as clear as glass.  When the pipes were placed together it was found that they all seemed to be aware of each other and would begin to speak amongst themselves, creating a music that was ever shifting, changing and evolving.  And as well the pipes seemed to be aware of whoever was listening to them, for when various people entered this gallery the music would change, and would seem to reflect the aura and energy field of the listener.

Many musicians and composers over time came to the great organ of Palsano and there received much inspiration from listening to the pipes speak to each other. And it was found also that the music of Palsano’s organ had healing properties and could also ease the suffering of any and every illness.

Please excuse this rather complicated answer.  I realize that your original question was, “why is it said that the great organ of Palsano has no keyboard?”

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