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or36 150 150 John Sandbach

Taurus 6. A man charges water with healing energy.

The waters don’t mind being captured – they’d just as soon rest in jars as trickle away.

After cleansing them of all memories of their flowing, be it on earth, in sea, lake, stream or sky, he returns them to their original dew, and writes his visions in their crystalline book.

He invites into some of them spirits of flowers, herbs, animals gems, and stars – his own private recipies and formulas, perfumes to be inhaled by the imagination.

Finished, he stores them in his crypt were they might sleep and incubate dreams, as they wait for whoever is destined to drink them.

The leftover waters he pours back into the stream, to refresh it with their newfound emptiness and to be carried wherever gravity leads.

Azoth Oracle

Yes, there are lions who dwell in Aab, but having for thousands of years been subject to the influence of magicians their nature is far different from the lions we know.  These lions are of a most gentle nature and quite harmless.  Their only food is a certain fruit known as “Blood Tree” that grows in profusion on the plains where they live, a fruit large and pendulous which ripens and falls to the ground and exudes a rich red syrup, thick and sweet.  It is said that an ancestor of Irnad cultivated this fruit to assuage the lions’ hunger, and to mollify the fierce fires of their nature.

The lions of Aab are feared by all demons and creatures of darkness, which is why all but the most powerful ones among them tend to shun this land.


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