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or356 150 150 John Sandbach

Pisces 26. A writer endlessly revising his work.

Tandar Arsak, one of the greatest writers of Aab, thought he had written only one novel, “The Seer,” but in fact readers consider that he has written at least seven.  Let me explain:

Tandar endlessly revised his work, and always preserved his earlier manuscripts.  As he continued to change the names of characters and their personality traits, as well as his story lines, the new drafts gradually changed over time so much that they ceased bearing any resemblance to his original story.

The number of drafts he wrote of “The Seer” was 216.  Today one can obtain the publications of draft 7, 32,48, 93, 168, 193 and 216 of this book, and unless one knew Tandar’s method of working would think that each of these novels is completely separate and different from the others.

This is why Tandar is often referred to as “The Mutator.”

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