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or345 150 150 John Sandbach

Pisces 15: On a high hill above a river, the ruins of a castle.

The Castle of Shalvak always appears on a hill along the Iridar River.  But never the same hill, as the castle is wont to change its location.  And if several travelers journey together it will not necessarily appear to all of them, but usually only to one.  When this person points it out to his fellows they see nothing.  If he compels them to stop their journey and anchor the boat along the banks of the river, then ascends the hill toward the ruins he usually finds the hill devoid of masonry.  But sometimes he finds the ruins he saw from the boat and explores them.

The phenomenon is as simple as this:  the Castle is a ghost.  A dream of the famous architect Serenar.  It was never built.  But in Serenar’s dreams it became so vivid that now it carries out a separate life of its own, and reaches out to particular people with whom it feels an affinity by appearing along the river and drawing them into its precincts.  The reason it sometimes disappears when approached is because it is shy and sensitive, wanting love, but fearing misunderstanding.  The more I have seen and explored it the more it has come to trust me.

Since I first stood in its ruins I have dreamed of it often, and of Serenar, who I have met frequently in its environs and with whom I have spent many fascinating hours

And each time the castle has more walls and is less ruined as it regenerates itself through Serenar’s and my dreams.


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