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or339 150 150 John Sandbach

Pisces 9. A ghost peacefully coexisting with a family in a house.

The people of Aab have a much different attitude toward ghosts than we.  First of all, they believe in them, are accepting of them.  When ghosts are found in their house they are treated with cordiality and welcome, are invited to sup with the family and are encouraged to do as they please.  This tends to prevent irritability and frustration in the ghosts, who are encouraged by the living to move on to other planes of existence only when they feel comfortable with doing so.  It also brings out the ghosts’ helpfulness, and although their disembodied state makes it difficult to do chores such as cooking and cleaning they can carry out mental activities, such as happened in a certain family where a highly knowledgeable ghost took up the responsibilities of governess to the inhabitants children.

And although ghosts have not the ability to pay for room and board they can be, at times quite entertaining, and need not their own rooms, becoming quiescent whenever they need to, but needing no private place to sleep.

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