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or328 150 150 John Sandbach

Aquarius 28. The entrance to a vast complex of caves beneath a mountain range.

Beneath the Serandar mountains to the west of Peth is an entrance to a vast complex of caves.  This entrance is well and ingeniously hidden and is said to only be accessible to a few who know its secret.

Serapis, one of these few, once took me there, where he lead me down many steep passageways deep into the bowels of the earth.

There he showed me a pool which glowed brightly and was the color of a cloudless sky.  When I reached down to touch the waters I found nothing there — only vast space and a little breeze.  Serapis bid me to stand back from its shores, saying that the lake was infinite and that there would be no returning if I were to fall in.

Months later I realize that being near this lake has changed me somehow, has calmed me deeply and has cleared my mind profoundly.  Serapis told me that the wise call this place, “The Inner Sky.”

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