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or324 150 150 John Sandbach

Aquarius 24. A helicopter depositing a man on the top of the Great Pyramid.

He paid the helicopter to place him on top of the Great Pyramid.  He felt as if he should have climbed on his own, should have struggled up the stones.  This would have paid for the view above.  But he was old and never could have made it on his own.

The Pyramid’s top was missing, which created an uneven platform on which he could stand.  He wondered what had happened to the top, to the capstone, itself a little pyramid.  Had it been secreted, all these years, somewhere in a hidden room of treasures, or maybe had lightning one day toppled it, turning it to rubble as it tumbled down.

Below him he could feel the weight of the structure, the heaviness of it, which the earth supported.  It was down there he must return, when the helicopter came back to retrieve him.  Down there, where eventually, like the capstone, he would disappear. 

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