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or307 150 150 John Sandbach

Aquarius 7. Someone turns back and looks again: the mountain has disappeared.

Mount Recondita is one of the most famous places in Peth.  But it is a  place that moves — that appears and disappears.  Mostly it is seen at dawn or dusk in the distance, and if a group of people are together not everyone may see it — maybe all the group will see it, or just one person.  It is a stunning vision — its lower slopes covered with emerald forests and its heights shrouded in the whitest snow, from which descend waterfalls falling hundreds of feet.

Very infrequently Mount Recondita will appear close up — one may turn around and find oneself at its base.  And if one is quick and unhesitating one may rush into its forests, never to return or be seen by anyone again.  This is to be desired, as Recondita is the mountain of bliss.

And how do I know this, for it is certainly not from ever having encountered a person who has taken refuge there.  I know it because I am Serapis, a seer of visions, and I have witnessed it with my own inner eye.

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