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or305 150 150 John Sandbach

Aquarius 5. Gradually the wind unearths a temple buried in the sand.

Every year at the summer solstice devotees journey into the Gorabi desert to worship at the Shrine of Aras, the Hidden God.  His temple lies totally buried in the sand of the Gorabi.  The winds, though, faithful servants of the Hidden God, know of his approaching holy day, and several weeks before its celebration begin to blow away the sand that hides Aras’ temple.

Once the celebrants and devotees have ended their 10 day pilgrimage the winds rebury the temple once again.

But the deepest mystery is this:  Every year the great temple, whose roof is supported by four hundred massive columns, is revealed in a different place in the desert.  For this reason the edifice has come to be known as “The Wandering Sanctum,” and can be visited yearly only through the guidance of special seers whose inner eye can see the temple’s current location.

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