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or302 150 150 John Sandbach

Aquarius 2. An alchemist trying to capture a spirit in a forest.

The capture of spirits by Alchemists can be quite difficult, in that sometimes even when the spirit is apprehended the alchemist remains unaware that the task has been accomplished.

The elusiveness of many spirits and the endless variety of forms which they may take, together with the swiftness and fluidity of their potential transformations means that the alchemist must be supremely clever and flexible in his approach.

Serapis has stated that the greatest and most powerful of all alchemists always shun the use of any containers for such work other than their own being.  In other words, the alchemist traps the spirit inside his own body, or I should say in one of his bodies, for the spirit may come to reside in the alchemist’s physical, mental, emotional or spiritual body, or in any one of countless others of his vehicles of manifestation.

In suchwise it is found ultimately that it is the spirit who captures the alchemist, all spirits being willing of such capture if the alchemist may find within himself the specific type of submissiveness required by each spirit.


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