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Aries 3. A sacred mirror which is kept in the inner sanctum of a temple.

The mirror had been made in darkness, for they wanted to maintain its purity, unsullied by any reflections. Keeping it wrapped in a shroud, people would hold it before their face and imagine what they might see, were it unwrapped.

Then images would arise in their imagination. They could feel the mirror beneath its shroud, smiling at them, in recognition.

“Yes,” said Serapis, I know that the Sacred Mirror was kept in the inner sanctum of the temple.  My question is, did anyone ever look into it?”

“The High Priestess told me no,” said Irnad.  “Even the ones who made it were blindfolded during its fashioning,  And it has never been exposed to light.”

“Though I have heard say,” said Volana, “that the mirror often appears to devotees in dreams, and shows them many things.  This is why they call it ‘The Sleeping Mirror,’ for it has never awakened to light, though it does dream, and in its dreams find those who thirst for it’s visions.”

Azoth Oracle

An enlightened being in a cave is gazing out into the world.

The statue of Drazeen the Gazer sits at the entrance to a small cave in a remote area of the Mountains of Arzan.  Pilgrims who go there wonder at its detail and lifelikeness, and wonder also what master carved this glorious work.

No one knows the truth, which is that Drazeen is still alive, being over 1000 years old, and, not wishing to communicate with those who visit his cave, and also sensing their approach, will sit at his cave’s entrance and turn himself to stone for the duration of their visit.

I know this because he told me so — not with words that come from a human voice, but through a whisper that only I could hear.  For stone can speak, but its voice is as faint as the light from those invisible stars that shine, unseen, in the night’s seeming void.


Omega Symbol: A sacred mirror which is kept in the inner sanctum of a temple. Seek the truth in its purest form. The problem is, you can’t take it in all at once – you need to allow yourself to grow with it – to let Truth evolve you. As your vision and consciousness expands, Pure Truth become clearer and clearer to you, as well as your ability to uncover and disperse falsity.

Pleiadian Symbol: On Mars a great face the size of a mountain gazes into the night sky. The ability to act and assert oneself in an utterly personal and direct manner that ideally takes on and reflects the will of the cosmos.

Chandra Symbol: The outer casing of the Great Pyramid being removed. The outer is stripped away so that something deeper is revealed, just as a deeper aspect of the self can be seen in the sacred mirror. Look beneath surfaces. Don’t be stopped by traditions, or by notions of what is proper, improper, or off limits. Go to any lengths your have to to find out the truth – that is, to see yourself – in that sacred mirror in the self’s inner sanctum.

Azoth Symbol: An enlightened being in a cave is gazing out into the world.  You can exert great influence through non-action, or actions which are grounded in the great cosmic silence.




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