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or298 150 150 John Sandbach

Capricorn 28. A roomful of people busily cutting diamonds.

The elves of Zadoon (sometimes called “Tadoon”) are the most expert of all diamond cutters, for the only tools they use are the brilliant red beams which they have the power to emanate from their eyes.

I have seen a workshop of Zadoonies busily at work as they deftly shape the facets of diamonds.  Before starting the elf asks the diamond the shape it desires to be, and the number and arrangement of facets it desires.  In this manner each diamond is brought to miraculous perfection.

As the elves require no remuneration for their efforts, and as diamonds are plentiful in Aab we find all people wearing them, the bazaars of Peth on sunny days shimmering with a plethora of rainbows as the shoppers pass.

It is here that one may buy fresh diamonds by the pound, either pierced for beading or unholed for fashioning into necklaces, bracelets or other adornments.



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