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or296 150 150 John Sandbach

Capricorn 26. A castle made of clouds appears at sunset.

The cloud castle known as Iss appears unpredictably, often at sunset, and often in remote places, so that it is rarely observed.

The alchemist Serapis once visited it.  It knew of his wanderings and had sought him out, for it wished to give him a gift.  Ascending into its precincts and high turrets he gathered in a vial the mists of its walls which he brought back with him, returning to earth.

If one gazes for a long time into this vial the whole castle appears in all its detail, and when this happens the dream body is made small so that it may enter into the rooms of the castle and wandering there breathe the castle airs, the inhaling of which clarifies the visions of seers and others who travel the hidden realms.


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