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or294 150 150 John Sandbach

Capricorn 24. Although he is afraid of heights, a man continues to ascend a flight of invisible stairs.

There are at least 12 invisible Towers in the forests and fields of Peth.  I say “at least,” for there are many others rumored to exist which are yet to be found.

A certain man named Barthus had decided to conquer his fear of heights by ascending one of the tallest of these invisible edifices.  As he ascended its invisible steps higher and higher he grew more and more terrified, shaking so badly that when he reached the top he lost his footing and fell off the pinnacle.  Much to his shock he floated as gently to the ground as the feather of a bird.

A few others, who were bold and daring enough,  jumped from the tower to see if they might also be gently borne down like Barthus, and they were.

Over time it was found that repeated engagement in this activity gave one the ability to hear the secrets of earth spirits by putting his ear to the ground, and thus the hiding places of many treasures and rare minerals were discovered by those fearless, patient and persistent enough to trust the tower.


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