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or288 150 150 John Sandbach

Capricorn 18. A forgotten painting stored in a vault.

A painting of the ruins of a castle in the outskirts of Peth, a masterpiece by the landscape painter Coron had been stored, forgotten for centuries deep in a vault beneath the Temple of Quanaan. Facing against the wall, there in darkness, people came and went through the painting, wandering by the lake in which the castle ruins were reflected, the seasons making their rounds, year after year.

And as the centuries passed the men who inhabited the painting, and who were unaware of their imprisonment in the dark (for they lived beneath the sunlight the artist had created) decided to restore the castle, and stone by stone refurbished it until it stood there, beautiful as the day it was completed.

When the painting was finally discovered historians were overjoyed to have found it, for until then no one had known exactly what the castle had looked like. It happened to be the only known representation of that noble edifice to have ever been discovered.

Such events, say the wise, often happen in darkness and secrecy.

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