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Capricorn 15. An angelologist explains the sacred hierarchies.

Timar Azod, Peth’s greatest authority on angels, says that the angelic kingdoms, like fire, manifest in a tremendous array of magnitudes.  And so there are the angels of which we have all heard, such as Metatron, who are so vast that to journey from their head to their foot would take many lifetimes, even if one were to travel at the speed of light.  At the other extreme there are angels being born all the time who are the size of sparks.  These latter angels are born of such things as smiles, or small kind acts, or even a passing thought of love, or the admiration of a flower.

And so all of us have the power to create angels, all of whom are undying, and who follow us throughout our lives, protecting and guiding us, even in the realms that we reach beyond death.

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