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or281 150 150 John Sandbach

Capricorn 11. A gothic novel creates a dark, mysterious atmosphere.

“The Graven Seal,” which is the only novel of Mareesh Entar, is curious in that even though it has a plot which is rather ininteresting and appears on the surface to be flawed in its conception produces, in those who read it, the eeriest of feelings and most curious of emotions. When various readers attempt to describe the mood it creates in them most are at a loss for words, and no two people seem to have the same feelings about its various scenes.

Alchemists have, for decades, attempted to explain this phenomenon, for they know that something has been carefully and cleverly hidden in this book which eludes discovery. One old seer says that it is the only book he has read for years, and has read it many times, each time seeming to be totally different from the last. Shameek Demar points to it as proof of the ineffable nature of art.

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