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or267 150 150 John Sandbach

Sagittarius 27. In the night, a man uncovers himself to feel the cool air.

From the book “Astral Visions” by Pantarcus Rimood):  “It is to be remembered that at night, when one sleeps and spontaneously turns one’s consciousness toward the realm of dreams, ones relationship to space and time become freed from the boundaries imposed by ordinary waking consciousness.  And so an act as seemingly trivial as throwing ones covers off in the middle of the night becomes like a great and sudden cataclysm that is as if the waters of the ocean were parted to reveal a gigantic statue which has lain sleeping for centuries on the ocean floor.

The stars consider such an unconscious action an invitation, their light suddenly induced to penetrate the roof of one’s abode so that they might find the bare skin they so love, where they bathe it with millions of galaxies and countless myriads of planets and the combined histories of the whole universe, offering the sleeper sublimely generous materials from which he or she might choose substances of vast variety from which to build dreams.

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