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Sagittarius 23. Strange tools no one knows how to use.

A certain group of tools found in the tomb of the alchemist Asar Drinad, great-great-grandfather of Irnad the Wise have been carefully studied without ever having conclusively determining their intended use.  Drinad stated in his will that exactly 200 years after his burial his tomb was to be opened and the tools removed.  In all of his writings no esxplanation of the uses for these tools have ever been found.

Irnad, though, through experimenting with them found that one shaped like a pair of tweezers could be used to temporarily pluck a star from the sky.  Using the tool to do this he brewed many different stars in hot water and through the drinking of such teas cured many illnesses.   another tool, which looked like a vise he used to compress the sadness of a person into a small, dark stone which the individual could then carry with him, finding that over time the stone shrank and finally disappeared.  For many other of these tools he found a wide variety of uses.

“These were probably not the original uses for these tools,” states Irnad in his journals, “but being the sort of alchemist who makes do with what’s at hand, I’ve found them most useful.”


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