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or261 150 150 John Sandbach

Sagittarius 21. Deep in the jungle, travelers discover the ruins of an ancient city.

The location of the ancient city of Zithona is still unknown to this day, even though it has been found many times.  The problem is that each time it’s found it then disappears and is later found someplace else.  This is why Zithona is  known as “The Floating City.”

The only consistency observed in its location is that it seems to prefer jungles, for it is always seen in those vast tropical spaces that lay far to the south of Peth.

After careful study of this enigma Irnad has stated that the city seems to select its travelers, and avoids those who it does not wish to encounter by disappearing and changing location.  He feels that almost all of those adventurers who have been fortunate enough to see it were once its inhabitants in former lives, for they all say they feel a deep kinship with its strange architecture, its palaces and temples and baths and monuments.  Or, he goes on to say, it may be that the ones who see it are actually having a future memory of it, that is, in some future lifetime they are destined to live there.  In either case, Zithona is an elusive place who beckons secretly to certain people, and the ones she lures to herself inevitably  become enthralled with her.


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