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or250 150 150 John Sandbach

Sagittarius 10. A man being followed by a spaceship.

Celestial geographer Tornaz Wayna is continually followed by one spaceship or another, and when this first began happening to him he felt much consternation, for he knew not why they pursued him or what they wanted.

After several weeks of this it happened that one of them appeared in his dreams and told him that it was going to set up a special receiving and sending cord along which he might communicate with these alien vessels.  When he woke he discovered he could hear in his thoughts their communiques and found that all of them simply were asking for directions.  (I failed to mention that Wayna is known for his far interior viewing, and through it has mapped continents and cities on many other planets and in great numbers of realities in universes other than this one).

Wayna, being of a nature eager to help now spends most of his time imparting information to these visitors, and has been given the title “Celestial Direction Consultant” by the queen of Peth.


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