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or246 150 150 John Sandbach

Sagittarius 6. In a red desert, a lush, green plantation produced by irrigation.

(From the diaries of Yeldus Ral).  “The countess Theralda who dwells in that remote estate in the Boji Desert famed for its red earth, bestial aridity,  and looming, twisted rock formations,where not a single plant grows, desired to plant a garden there, hopeless dreamer that she is, and Irnad a master of botanical research sent her a box of seeds which he told her to plant three feet apart all around the extensive area where she wished the garden to flourish.

“Why she would ever think that anything would grow in the Boji desert is beyond my ken, but the Dame planted the seeds, with precious little water to moisten them, and lo, within 10 days the most curious plants sprang up, leafless stalks, and as they grew produced leathery green flowers the shape of trumpets, which, on every new and full Moon pour from their blooms water onto her garden, which now grows green as raw emeralds and is filled with every imaginable flower, herb, vegetable and fruit tree.

“I have drank of that flower liquor and it has removed nearly all the wrinkles from my face.  The plants, which Irnad has dubbed “Aquarioles” have never in these two hundred years produced a seed, but also have not grown taller than four feet.

“I surmise that the roots of these flora grow deeply into the earth until they find the water they carry to their flowers to spill forth from their blooms, or send roots out sidewise for miles into who knows what other lands in their search of moisture.

“Irnad, lover of titles, and always ready to add a new name to his list of apellations, which would fill a ponderous volume has, since that time, called himself on occasion, “Irnad the Irrigator.””




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