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or213 150 150 John Sandbach

Scorpio 3. A mysterious food, a small piece of which will satisfy hunger for days.

The cakes produced by a certain baker/alchemist of Aab who wishes to remain anonymous are able to satisfy hunger for many days. These cakes are round, about the size of peas and dissolve quickly in the mouth. Travelers who have consumed these say that each one bears a different taste, and that in fact the taste unfolds in the mouth over several days as it continues to change, sometimes seeming like fruits or boiled roots or various herbs or other culinary ingredients.

It is also noted that the effects of these cakes is cumulative, for a certain woman of great age who consumed them for many years in her extensive wanderings has now been without food for three decades, and the flavors that still to this day appear and disappear in her mouth, she says, are  a great source of wonder and delight.

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