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or211 150 150 John Sandbach

Scorpio 1. A man suspended in the air watches everything from a great height.

In the uncharted lands of the far western forests there is said to be a mountain which is invisible. The alchemist Tolar Razan has recorded in his journal a week he spent climbing that peak, which, he says, is one of the highest in all the lands. He climbed it as a blind man would, waving a long stick in front of him so that he might avoid its invisible trees and unseen outcroppings of rock.

He also says that at night he found that the invisible branches of the mountain’s trees made an adequate campfire and burned just like visible wood, and with a visible fire, and that as he slept he heard invisible animals approaching to investigate him, though he was not afraid for they seemed only curious and not intent on any harm.

He has recorded that the peak’s summit, though of an extreme altitude, is temperate, the air in fact not being thin, and without the tortures of bitter cold and fierce winds that inhabit visible peaks. He says that the view from the mountain’s top was spacious in the extreme, and obscured at times by clouds above which the summit rose.

After descending the peak he explored its environs and inquired of the locals as to the name of the mountain. They told him, though, that its name was also invisible, and hence not to be pronounced.

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