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or189 150 150 John Sandbach

Libra 9. A healer who knows the secret of working with people’s breath.

From the Ars Magica of Elucidus:) . . . Breath is wind. It is the soul’s creation of vacuums which stirs the air, creating breath. And that which we call wind, or living air, though unseen, becomes a vehicle of existence for much else that is seen, such as mists, smokes, fogs, and the circulations of blood, which lose all movement when deprived of breath.

The greatest secret of breath is that it has a life of its own, being a faithful friend to the one who breathes, capable of performing any feat of healing and possessing powers much greater than commonly known. For breath may be sent on far journeys both inside and outside the self, to accomplish the miraculous.

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