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or181 150 150 John Sandbach

Libra 1. An apothecary shop in which herbal concoctions and other medicines appear as needed.

An alchemist invented an apothecary shop which mirrored completely the realm of disease. Anyone who entered it immediately reflected their essence onto the mind of the shop, which generated herbs and compounds as an echoing of felt needs. The shop held all the answers and solutions one could ever desire.

What was curious was how few people came to the shop, and of those few who came and took home the medicines, how many of the medicines were placed on a shelf somewhere and forgotten.

So the shop, always desirous of improving the potency and efficacy of its products began focusing on other medications, such as songs, weather, and memory clusters which it harvested out of people and distilled into custom-made homeopathic essences.

Illusions, properly selected and harvested, were also found to be highly salutory.

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