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or148 150 150 John Sandbach

Leo 28. A diamond thought to be fake turns out to be real.

A chunk of glass, not sharp but smooth and faintly green. She found it in a field and put it with her other treasures, feathers, stones, seed husks, a robin egg and many other accumulations of summer explorations. If they had seen it someone might have guessed what it was, then tested it. But no such expert would ever cross its path.

Occasionally, sometimes only after many years, it might change drawers or boxes, or be taken out to be held in the palm for a few moments and admired. In other circumstances it might have been carefully studied and then cleaved, and covered with facets and mounted in a setting and placed on black velvet under a little high intensity lamp as it waited for a finger or throat. But it was not to be – not in this lifetime. The diamond was on vacation.

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