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or145 150 150 John Sandbach

Leo 25. A woman incessantly eating pills.

She used to read the labels on bottles, and would always be continually learning the uses and side effects of all the pills she took, but since there were so many to be taking always she realized she had no time for such education and decided, by a leap of faith, on a strictly intuitive approach.

Eventually the pills began speaking to her, and telling her which of them wished to be gobbled, and how many as well. Luckily her pill chest turned into a cornucopia, where all sorts of supplements, sedatives, stimulants, vitamins, minerals, herbs, mood elevators, anti-depressants, suppressants, inhibitors, relaxants, barbituates and even all the latest and newest drugs miraculously appeared, so she didn’t have to waste precious time taking trips to pharmacies, forging prescriptions, or spending huge sums of money.

All in all she felt quite fine. Of course she did! For her pills loved her and were always there when she needed them.

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