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or135 150 150 John Sandbach

Leo 15. An ancient text, long kept secret, is revealed to the public.

Many people bought a copy of the recently revealed text and read it, anxious to find new, astounding revelations therein. Almost all were perplexed by the the words, which seemed more like a curtain than a revelation – a curtain that hid something within – something they could sense, but that remained persistently elusive in their minds.

Like a stone polished by a river the text was smooth, softly reflecting the light surrounding it, and seemed, well, usual, average, common – like just any other stone the river had left behind.

Eventually most forgot the text, the original put to sleep in the archives, the copies migrating to attics and used book shops. Such is the fate of galaxies, which the eye reduces to grains of invisible dust in the night sky.

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