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or133 150 150 John Sandbach

Leo 13. Hidden passages in a house. Over time, their secret has been forgotten.

In her little cottage one day she happen to press on a certain stone in the pantry which opened a door to a grand marble stairway lined with candelabras and pedastaled statues and liveried servants awaiting her commands. So she put on her best dress and lifting her skirts ascended the first flight, where a great sunburst of stained glass shone on the landing.

Turning the corner, and completing her ascent she found herself in her little bedroom with its rug of rags, and a bunch of wildflowers on the nightstand by her bed, with its patched coverlet, and a linden tree blooming, just outside the window.

The next day, when she pressed the stone to see the staircase once again, she found only a narrow hallway filled with cobwebs.

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