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or13 150 150 John Sandbach

Aries 13. A breeze carries a soap bubble thousands of miles.

The air within the soap bubble was from a faraway time, a glorious age of beauty and wonder. The magician had instructed the air that its presence was needed elsewhere, to seed a far off place with new magic. The air understood. For vast distances of time and space the colors on the bubble enjoyed their swirling, protecting the magic air, until they found that lost place needing their breath, and the bubble popped.

Azoth Oracle

The manuscript of Voina, 842 pages long, contains detailed drawings of hundreds of plants, none of which have ever been seen blooming in a garden or growing in a forest.  It was thought of as being a product of the anonymous author’s imagination, until Irnad, having viewed it explained, “These plants are not mere imaginings.  They are the portraits of living spirits who have not yet grown bodies for themsselves — plants of the future, some of them, and others plants of other worlds.  Some are even plants of the remote past who have since evolved into other forms.”

“Why,” asked a student, “did the artist draw them?”

“”So that we might make use of their healing powers,” Irnad answered, “For their spirits live eternally, and are undying, and it is the spirits of plants that perform the healing, their bodies being only vehicles to carry out their directives.  But even without bodies, the spirits of these plants may heal as well, if summoned.”


Omega Symbol: A breeze carries a soap bubble thousands of miles. The purity of your your sensitive and beautiful vision is what protects you. Where others might fail, you succeed because of a high integrity and innocence. Your lightness of being is your best defense against challenges, emergencies and crises. Your ability to keep going can sometimes be astounding.

Pleiadian Symbol: A crowd of people sensing a sudden shift in group karma. The shifting of inbuilt patterns happening as a group effort.

Chandra Symbol: The wind blows white sheets hung on a line to dry. In the Omega Symbol a far traveling, in the Chandra symbol a going nowhere, but sun and air renew and purify the sheets which have been washed clean of the multicolored stains of many dreams – to create a blankness on which new dreams may appear, swirling like the rainbows on the surface of the soap bubble.

Azoth Symbol: Nature Devas fecundating a landscape.  The awakening of creative forces for the purpose of manifesting greater aliveness and beauty in the world.



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