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or101 150 150 John Sandbach

Cancer 11. A hidden treasure waits to be found.

Precious objects, encrusted with human desire, so much longing, so many fantasies, now able at last to rest for several millenia, or maybe forever, allowing the human dreams that cling to them to evaporate, erasing themselves slowly, inevitably, from human memory, in a secret compartment, behind a stone wall, in the ruins of a temple, or deep beneath the sands of a desert, or floating through space in a capsule, or in a tomb, hewn into rock and then sealed, the entrance carefully concealed. All treasure is patient.

Azoth Oracle

A man in deep trance attuning to the center of our galaxy.

When the seer Armaz felt the urge to, he went into deep meditation and became one with the galaxy wherein our own star wanders. Those in Aab sensitive to his galactic attunement could feel it. Some described the experience as a a vastness that seemed to reveal the harmony in all illusions of chaos. Others said it felt like a completeness that brought all past and future into the present. Others said they felt as if they were hearing a silent music, or an ever-present repetition of a nameless word that meant everything.

Irnad said, “the glactic attunement of Armaz rekindles the knowing that we are the sky.”


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