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or10 150 150 John Sandbach

Aries 10. In many different places, a man keeps seeing the same number.

Like an infinite sea, numbers are always there, existing beyond time and space until we think of them, at which time they appear, revealing an infinite variety of potential vistas to the mind.

Particular numbers are drawn to certain places, certain times, and, of course, certain people. There was a number who fell in love with a man, and silently followed him wherever he went, but when it could no longer remain hidden, he began to see it, again and again, wherever he looked. And over time, he was able to return the number’s love. It was a mystic union, secret and intimate.

Azoth  Oracle

At the touch of a magician’s hand a text in a forgotten tongue is spontaneously translated.

A certain column which was erected to Terra, Goddess of earth on the wide plains of Nazak fell, one day during an earthquake.  Workers were summoned to re-erect the column, but struggle as they might the column would not move.  In fact, it was found to have become preternaturally heavy.  It should have been possible for the workers enlisted to raise it from the ground on which it had fallen, but no amount of levers or ropes or strength of horses would induce it to move even an inch.

When the Oracle of Quanaan was consulted concerning this mystery, the priests were told that the Goddess had summoned the column back into her body, had called it back into the earth from which it had been quarried so that it might be no longer visible to devotees.  When asked why she had done this the Oracle replied “so that they might be compelled to worship me in their inner vision alone.”

And so the column continued to sink into the plain and within one season had disappeared.

Such is the nature of the world we see — that though obvious to our eyes, it is an illusion that hides the truth within ourselves, which we must seek inside and find.


Omega Symbol: In many different places, a man keeps seeing the same number. The universe speaks to you loudly and clearly, echoing itself everywhere. Specific energies reach out to you, their strange melodies trying to gain your attention. You need only to follow their call, track with them, and keep listening. Your obsessions are powerful creative forces, operating beyond the ken of your conscious rational mind. You cannot repress or ignore forever what you’re feeling. Wisdom is seeking you out, and will find you, eventually.

Pleiadian Symbol: At the touch of a magician’s hand a text in a forgotten tongue is spontaneously translated. Complete and sudden recognition of formerly enigmatic patterns.

Chandra Symbol: Roots of a tree entwined around the statue of a nude woman. Slowly, gradually, understanding embraces the feminine spirit – but the understanding has to grow into the embrace. The feminine spirit is patient and can wait, for she knows that to grow and develop strong roots that have the power to reach out the tree will needs gradual and attentive nourishment over time.

Azoth Symbol: A fallen white column, which, over time, has partially sunk into the rich soil of a meadow.  The yearning to unite with the deepest essence of the material realm.


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